Devastatingly sadistic and seductive

Central London Dominatrix



Mistress Skorpia

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A note on consent: I will not take part in any of the above activities without thorough communication and prior consent, so do not be scared off by My breadth of experience… I will not surprise you with something simply because it is listed in My repertoire! Slaves that are newer to BDSM may request the use of a safe word, which will be consistently respected without fail.


Pacing and marking: Those with less experience in masochism will find that I am an understanding, perceptive Dominant as I am perfectly content to patiently and gradually deliver all forms of pain. My natural sadism shines through whether I’m taking it fast or slow, and I certainly don’t hold back with roughness or aggression when the time is right. I administer CP and all other painful aspects of play precisely and accurately, such that marking may or may not be left, or left for a specific duration, dependent upon our mutually agreed preferences.


Excluded items: I do not conduct or facilitate enemas and douching, urethral sounding, genital piercing, wrestling, scenes with racist themes or anything that involves animal cruelty. I am a professional Dominant and as such I do not offer a personal/full service, and any failure to recognise this will result in immediate dismissal.




The list below covers many of My skills, from the sensual to the more sadistic styles of domination. This list is not exhaustive as My repertoire is ever increasing, and slaves may politely contact Me to enquire about other activities for My consideration.



Anal play, anal stretching and fisting: I have a wide variety of sizes of insertables from beginner to extreme, and petite hands which are perfect for deep fisting


Animal training including puppy/dog training and equestrian, horse and pony training. I also welcome subs to be My stableboy, while I am the strict Lady in authentic riding gear.


Asphyxiation/strangulation and suffocation: I can do this via a variety of techniques as I see fit, including the use of headlocks, trampling and rope


Ballbusting: kicking, slapping and torturing the testicles


Bastinado: foot caning




Blindfolding and other forms of sensory depravation


Bloodsports using sharps such as needles, knives and blades to make My slave undergo bloodletting to satisfy My sadistic desires


Body worship at discretion, I may offer non-intimate body worship as a form of erotic humiliation for fortunate slaves to demonstrate their dedication and adoration


Bondage: I have bondage furniture plus various types of restraints, along with cling film wrap and shibari rope techniques


Breath control: I have a great range of breath play apparatus, including gas masks, pipes, breathing bags, hoods and re-breathing equipment. I always have a good supply of nitrous oxide gas and amyl nitrate poppers.


Chastity: I have several cages and devices to keep my slave chaste, and I like to maintain chastity both during play and remotely in between sessions


Clothed female nude male/CFNM: I like to make my slave strip as a key part of their submission, while I remain beautifully attired


Cock and ball torture/CBT and cock and ball bondage/CBB: I have extensive equipment and experience for abusing the genitals




Consensual non consent and total power exchange/TPE: for those with more experience, I take great pleasure in conducting more extreme scenes that include boundary pushing and edge play. Although there is no option for a safe word, I will ensure that sufficient advance communication and planning is conducted so that I am in the perfect position to take complete control.


Corporal punishment/CP: I can deliver judicial caning with or without marks


Cross dressing, feminisation and forced feminisation including the use of wigs, shoes, underwear, clothing, jewellery and make up


Cuckolding: at discretion a slave may be invited to be present while I am with a lover, to degrade them and sexually frustrate them while I receive pleasure in any way that I like. This scenario can be incorporated with caging, chastity and SPH.


Domestic servitude and maid/butler training: complete the housework and undergo general slave and servitude training while under My strict instruction


Edge play: I take great pleasure in finding the precise location of My slave's limits, and dangerously dancing ever closer them to push boundaries and achieve hieghtened levels of intensity during play. Whether through sadism, breath play or extreme humiliation, there are endless ways to bring My slave onto a delicate, exhilerating knife edge.


Electrostimulation: I have a wide array of electrostim equipment, including violet wands, TENS units and many types of attachments


Enclosure, confinement and mummification: whether in a body suit, body bag, cling film, cage or even a vac bed, I can encase any slave and even combine this with bondage and other forms of play or use heavy bondage to create full immobilisation


Extended play/overnight training: longer sessions are perfect for masochistic subs, or those who crave intensive, progressive training and a test to their endurance and dedication. Any deviant,  debauched desires are really forced to the surface as the slave becomes increasingly weak and vulnerable in My presence.


Face slapping/bitch slapping


Face sitting, smothering and queening: this is performed at discretion, and is carried out covered or clothed


Financial servitude: from gaining access to bank accounts to marching a slave to the cash point, I can be merciless with any cash pig that is lucky enough to serve Me


Foot worship: worthy slaves are permitted to massage and worship My beautiful feet, which may be barefoot or encased in hosiery. I have high arched, slender, perfectly pedicured feet.


Forced bi can include strap-on worship, forced cock sucking and spit-roasting


Forced fitness: a hard physical training regime that I can administer particularly well as I maintain a high level of fitness Myself, and this can be carried out remotely or in a session


Forced intox can include the use of poppers and nitrous applied through specific apparatus, and the simulation of other drugs that can be applied to subdue the slave


Gagging: I have many types including open mouth gags, ball gags and dental gags


Golden showers/watersports can include the use of a piss gag, urine inhaler or piss pants


Hardsports, brown showers and scat: at discretion I may deliver HS onto the body or feed it to My slave, and due to My vegan diet there are no animal proteins present.


Hosiery fetish: I have vintage fully fashioned nylons plus designer tights and stockings in many styles to tease and torment My slave


Human furniture: be My footstool, chair or other dehumanised object at My request


Humiliation, bullying, degradation and public humiliation: I particularly enjoy dehumanising and emasculating my sub, and delivering intense physical and verbal abuse in an endless number of ways


Impact play including whipping, caning, flogging, spanking which can be done in bondage or OTK, with or without marks as discussed


Kidnap, prison and interrogation scenarios: My dungeon is based underground and is complete with a confinement space, so that no one will hear your cries for help when you are enslaved in My domain. I also have access to a van and a driver in the event of a public capture.


Medical Play: I can be the sadistic doctor, nurse, therapist or dentist and carry out medical tests, saline injections and physical inspections


Messy play, food play and sploshing can be done with a pillory for extra humiliation and degradation, or the slave can be chained up and forced to eat from a doggy bowl.


Mind control and mind games: I can combine this with the mind machine (a sound and vision unit to relax and disorientate subs) but My hypnotism and NLP techniques alone can stimulate complete compliance with nothing more than My words


Mock execution can include simulated hanging, injection, strangulation, suffocation and drugging


Nipple torture and nipple play: I have a large array of nipple clamps, pinwheels and pinhammers at my disposal, along with suction devices and other toys to stimulate the nipples


Piercing and play piercing


Prostate massage and milking


Rape/play rape can include violent, rough treatment and physical force


Roleplay: with my vivid imagination I excel in many types of role-play including age play, and I invite slaves to write to Me with their scenarios for My perusal and consideration.  As a former teacher I enjoy conducting strict educational scenes, or alternatively I can play the bratty student that swiftly overpowers the supposed superior


Roman showers/vomit play and spitting


Rubber/latex, leather and PVC fetish: I have an extensive wardrobe of fetishwear, along with many beautiful corsets and other styles of attire for role-play


Sensory deprivation and sensory overload


Slut and sissy training can be combined with feminisation, strap-on training and general obedience training in order to transform My slave into the perfect filthy whore to fit My requirements


Small penis humiliation/SPH


Smoking fetish: I occasionally permit slaves to be My ashtray or undergo cigarette torture, but only if the mood takes Me as I am typically a non smoker.


Strap-on training and strap-on play can include strap-on worship and face fucking


Shoe fetish: I have an incredible shoe collection, and as such I can cater to shoe fetishists extremely well


Suspension: My dungeon has a selection of suspension points along with a winch to control the height of the suspension


Tease and denial can include edging techniques, orgasm denial and even chastity while I am cruelly seductive, feeding off of my slave’s sexual energy and frustration


Temperature play: hot wax play, fire, and the use of metal and glass toys


Tickling/tickle torture


Trampling/stomping can be done in hosiery or stiletto heels, with My partial or full body weight