Devastatingly sadistic and seductive

Central London Dominatrix



Mistress Skorpia

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Sadism: A quick glance at My repertoire shows that My sadistic streak really speaks for itself; masochists are truly spoilt for choice in terms of how they are to be tortured - although I will of course be the one doing the choosing. I’m very experienced with reading the body’s signals to know exactly how to warm up My sub and gradually ratchet up the pain, bringing them to ecstatic adrenaline and serotonin fuelled heights as they fall deeper and deeper under My sadistic spell. Seeing My slave squirm, scream and suffer can bring Me to a similar high, as the physical results of my power are written all over My slave for Me to enjoy.


Breath control is another passion of mine, and many subs have been taken from being terrified first timers to being experienced suffocation sluts under My expert guidance. I have many gas masks and hoods in My collection to explore breath play, with pipes and breathing bags to connect up and gradually reduce the oxygen levels. I still love the simplicity of a plastic bag over the head, which can be held in place or tied at the neck to create a seal.


Strangulation: Using nothing more than my body, I can give a slow strangulation while pinning my slave down and wrapping my hands around their neck, or even smothering them with any part of Me that I feel like to slowly take away their capacity to breathe. I can also expertly combine poppers and nitrous into the mix, so that the light headedness and high of oxygen depravation blends perfectly with the heady rush from the intoxicants. I have intentionally brought experienced submissives to pass out before through suffocation or strangulation, and in this instance I can immediately bring them back round and ensure that they are safe.


Sexual restriction training: I know that My slave’s sexual attraction towards Me can be integral to their dedication and servitude, and I plan to fully exploit any and all desires that they have for Me. Whether that’s through intense interrogation to force My slave to confess their fantasies, or through a seductive tease and denial scene, I know exactly how to push the right buttons and use that knowledge to My full advantage.


Orgasm denial: The intricate balance of both pleasure and pain, or an intense level of sensation or stimulation that’s only just possible to manage, can also bring the body into heightened levels of sensitivity and sexual frustration. As a real sadist, I understand how to find and push limits in both physical and psychological ways. Controlled masturbation and edging can also build up My slave’s capacity to take more pain, humiliation or degradation. The sexual energy enables the slave’s boundaries to be pushed further than they ever could have imagined, especially if they have experienced several rounds of orgasm denial as part of the process.


Chastity: As a chastity keyholder, it’s a natural part of My ownership to limit and control how often My slave is permitted a sexual release. I decide how often an orgasm is permitted, and I decide how that orgasm may be achieved. I also enjoy reminding My sub that as a beautiful, highly intelligent and powerful woman I can access limitless amounts of pleasure, while he must simply submit amid his growing desperation and cravings.


Cuckolding is one of the ultimate ways to explore D/s sexual power play, since it can be extremely erotic and yet overwhelmingly frustrating and disempowering to be within My space while I take My pleasure. A cuckolding scene would typically involve some form of bondage, caging and sensory depravation, leading to a contradictory combination indulgance and humiliation at the same time. Due to the intimate nature of this kind of scene, I only offer cuckolding to the most dedicated slaves in My stable.  


Fantasy roleplay: As well as classic BDSM domination, I also enjoy exploring some of the more unusual, taboo and deviant themes. From a conventional, vanilla scene with a kinky edge, to a completely obscure roleplay, I can explore almost any topic as long as it respects My preferences and holds My interest. I am genuinely confident with roleplay, since I am a natural improviser with intoxicating charisma and plenty of performance experience. A session can be centred around a specific theme, dynamic or role in order to incorporate relevant fetishes, or to simply explore the D/s dynamic through a different lens.


I can create realistic scenes that are based on real life experiences, such as adopting the character of a bitchy wife or girlfriend, a poised teacher or an overly thorough doctor. At the other end of the spectrum, scenes of a more fantastical nature also appeal including themes from comics, literature, theatre or film. I am intrigued by bizarre fantasies, and I welcome unscripted submissions for My consideration and My unique, kinky interpretation. With an outline of My slave’s desired themes, fetishes and limitations, My imagination is quickly sparked to create the perfect scene to brings fantasy into reality.


Psychological domination: Delving into the realm of psychodrama, I offer brave and imaginative subs a journey through mind control, mind games, brainwashing and hypno-domination. My dungeon has been newly installed with a lighting and soundsystem, plus lasers to create the perfect relaxing yet dangerously hypnotic atmosphere. I enjoy controlling My slave as My captive, not only physically but also mentally on a much deeper level. Psycho-control is carried out in various forms:


Hypno-domination: Through using hypnosis techniques, I slowly and gradually enchant My slave into a trancelike state. Once under My spell, persuasive and evocative suggestions will be made, whilst teasing out those deeply held fantasies. Bringing such unspoken desires to the surface, I gain further ammunition with which to toy with or torment My slave. Hypnosis works exceptionally well for subs who are interested in increasing their pain threshold, or verbally exploring their more taboo fantasies.


Mind control: By repetitively training My slave, and drawing them into a compromising situation, I soon have My slave in a state of utmost obedience. Mind control is exercised through the use of interrogation, persuasion, coercion and strict discipline, all within a highly imaginative scene in which the sub reaches new levels of automatic dedication. Ultimately this can lead to the slave being in a complete state of awe and admiration, overwhelmed with the desire to worship Me.


Mind games: Through harnessing My sadistic and bizarre wishes, I am able to take My slave on a cruel yet creative mental journey. Placing My slave in a situation that blurs fantasy and reality, the slave is presented with strange predicaments and unusual role-plays, in which they are to quickly learn how to appropriately behave until their thoughts and behaviour become automatic, upon My command.


Brainwashing: Whether carried out gently or forcefully, I am only too pleased to exploit this powerful technique. Delivering repetitive messages in direct and remote ways, the scene is built upon conditioning My slave into being increasingly compliant. Brainwashing can also be useful for slaves that seek ongoing training in a variety of aspects of BDSM, as it can push them to new levels of extremity, and readiness to venture into unexplored territory.


All of these different psychological techniques can culminate to create an amazing submissive psychological journey, which can lead to a submissive state of hypnosis and with that a deeper level of dedication. Those who are willing and keen to try such a session can experience a mental release that can be truly out of this world.